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AR Rahman & Firdaus Studios | A Scoring Stage For The 21st Century

From mono optical recordings to multi-terabyte software instruments, legendary composer AR Rahman has always embraced new technology, and his latest venture is a futuristic recording space in Dubai’s Expo City.

In our exclusive video feature, AR and Head of Studio Aditya Modi tell us how his compositional process has evolved over the years, and explain how the unique Firdaus Studio was created.


00:00 - Introduction
00:50 - AR Rahman's First Memories Of Recording
02:03 - Firdaus Head Of Studio Aditya Modi
04:31 - Experiencing How Music Technology Has Evolved
06:39 - AR Rahman's Most Significant Music Technology Purchases
09:28 - Advanced Acoustic Features Found At Firdaus Studios
11:56 - Building Recording Studios For Necessity And Functionality
14:57 - Firdaus Studios' Dolby Atmos-Certifed Control Room
17:24 - How Digital Technology Can Affect The Creative Process
21:09 - Designing A Networked Recording Studio
22:15 - AR Rahman's Vision For Firdaus Orchestra

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