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Building A Library: Spitfire Audio’s Abbey Road Orchestra | Chapter One

Published December 2023

Our exclusive four-part video documentary series goes behind the scenes of one of the most detailed orchestral sample libraries ever made.

In this Chapter One video, we meet the team from Spitfire Audio and Abbey Road Studios as they develop the epic concept for Abbey Road Orchestra

The team explain how a project of this scale gets off the ground, from planning and pre‑production to selecting musicians and getting them into the historic Studio One at Abbey Road Studios for a recording session like no other. Careful preparation and a focus on immaculate detail are found throughout the project. The complex microphone setups and meticulous recording processes built on Spitfire Audio's experience all aim towards giving the end user as much control and realism as a VST can provide.


00:00 - Introduction
01:05 - Concept Behind Abbey Road Orchestra Library
02:10 - Orchestral Recordings at Abbey Road Studio One
02:53 - Musicians of The Abbey Road Orchestra
04:13 - Engineering with Senior Engineer Simon Rhodes
06:27 - Planning and Preparation
08:07 - Building From Spitfire Audio's Experience
09:34 - An Extended Production Process
11:17 - Expanded Features For Control and Realism
12:36 - Microphone Selection & Experimentation
15:28 - Giving The End User Maximum Control

Video Credits

Director/Producer: Aine O'Flaherty
Director of Photography/ Editor/ Audio Post Production: Ben K Adams
Animator/ Assistant Camera Op: Olly Wiggins
Sound Recordist: Curtis Elvidge
Composer: Homay Schmitz
16mm Footage: Jacob Crees-Cockayne

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