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Landscape A Go-Go | SOS Podcast

Richard James Burgess Tells The Story By Rob Puricelli
Published February 2024
Landscape A Go-Go

Richard James Burgess talks about the recent release of ‘Landscape A Go-Go’, a comprehensive 5-CD anthology of Landscape's pioneering work which covers their entire recorded 1977-1983 output, as well as recollecting his varied career across the past five decades.

Richard recently chatted to Rob Puricelli from his New York apartment, where he talked about his journey with electronic music and his future plans as an author, musician and producer.

First and foremost a drummer, in the 1970s, Richard became a part of the London music scene as a session drummer before Landscape was formed. In the '80s he worked closely with designer Dave Simmons on the iconic Simmons SDS‑V electronic drum kit, one of the instruments that defined the sound of '80s synth-pop.

After Landscape dissolved, he began to work more behind the desk, being one of the first people to own a Fairlight CMI in the UK. Richard would go on to work with the likes of Kate Bush, Spandau Ballet, Visage and Colonel Abrams.

Show Notes


00:00 - Introduction
01:49 - Looking Back On Working With Landscape
04:43 - Using New Technology Live On Stage
06:19 - Starting The Journey With Music Technology
08:00 - The Threat Of Electronic Drums And Drum Machines
10:37 - Working With JJ Jeczalik
12:25 - Involvement With The Simmons SDS‑V
16:47 - Modern Electronic Drums
18:03 - Using Drum Sample Libraries
22:19 - The Fairlight CMI
29:00 - The Introduction Of Page R
32:23 - The Move Into Production
37:51 - The New Romantics
39:43 - Working With A Variety Of Artists
42:07 - Richard Burgess The Author
46:39 - A.I. In Music
50:20 - Compensating Musicians For Their Work
53:51 - Current Projects
55:24 - A Landscape Reunion?

Richard James Burgess - Biog

Born in London, Burgess’ family emigrated to Christchurch, New Zealand in 1958 when Richard was aged 10. Having played drums in a number of local bands he left in 1972 to study at Berklee College Of Music, Boston and then London’s Guildhall before forming Landscape. His musical career included being a session drummer, producer engineer and inventor.
Richard James Burgess Richard James Burgess
The 1990s saw Burgess re-entered academia where he both lectured and advised on music production and the music business in both the UK and the United States. His books, ‘The Art of Music Production’ and ‘The History of Music Production’, are considered essential reading for anyone in the industry.

Richard remains entrenched in the music business to this day, chairing the American Association of Independent Music, having also served on the boards of the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (NARAS) and the Smithsonian Music Committee.


Interviewer: Rob Puricelli - Biog

Rob Puricelli.Rob Puricelli is a Music Technologist and Instructional Designer who has a healthy obsession with classic synthesizers and their history. In conjunction with former Fairlight Studio Manager, Peter Wielk, he fixes and restores Fairlight CMI’s so that they can enjoy prolonged and productive lives with new owners. He also writes reviews and articles for Sound On Sound, his own website, Failed Muso, and other music-related publications, as well as hosting a weekly livestream on YouTube for the Pro Synth Network and guesting on numerous music technology podcasts and shows. Rob also works alongside a number of manufacturers, demonstrating their products and lecturing about music technology at various educational and vocational establishments.

Twitter/Instagram/Facebook @failedmuso

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