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May 2024 Magazine Contents

SOS (UK Edition) May 2024

REVIEWS: Arturia AstroLab stage keyboard [front cover] • Earthworks SR117 mic • Oeksound Bloom • Neve 1073SPX-D • Amphion One25A monitors • Audio Modeling SWAM String Sections • Lewitt RAY mic • Warm Audio RingerBringer • Gauge ECM‑87 Virtual Mic Locker Kit • Rode NT1 Signature mic • Korg MS Series synths • IK Multimedia ARC Studio • SPL Channel One Mk3 • Hit’n’Mix RipX DAW PRO • UAFX Brigade • Minimal Audio Current softsynth • Remic Reshape instrument mics • New sample libraries — and plenty more!
TECHNIQUES + PEOPLE: Alan Moulder producer • Inside Track: FNZ • How I Got That Sound: John Leckie • Mix Rescue • DAW Tips: Cubase Pro, Digital Performer, Logic Pro, Pro Tools: MIDI Plug-ins, Studio One... and lots more!



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