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Realistic Orchestras From Sample Libraries | SOS Podcast

MIDI Production Expert Tips By Sam Boydell
Published May 2024
Sam Boydell - Composer and Producer

Composer and Producer Sam Boydell talks us through selecting an orchestral sound library, creating a simple string motif and incorporating more realism into the finished piece by using a range of techniques, including articulations, dynamics and panning.

Show Notes


00:00 - Introduction
01:18 - The Tools Of The Trade
03:13 - Choosing Your Sound Library
06:01 - Starting With A String Motif
10:39 - Allocating Orchestral Positions
11:58 - Humanising The Performance
14:57 - Fine-Tuning Velocity And Timing
17:15 - Adding MIDI Automation
19:56 - Placing The Orchestra In A Space
22:17 - Incorporating Articulations
24:39 - Creating More Dynamics
27:46 - Mixing And Mastering

Presenter: Sam Boydell - Biog

Learning his craft by working in studios with the likes of Gareth Young (Sugababes), Stephen Lipson (Hans Zimmer) and Mark Hill (Craig David), Sam has grown into being credited for composing many award-winning Commercials and Documentaries such as drift-racing’s, ‘Clipping Point’ (2022) rated at 9.3/10 on IMDb, as well as, prestigious TV shows like Match Of The Day (BBC).

Sam is also considered one of the premiere Sound Recordists & Commercial Mixers in the UK, having worked with the likes of David Beckham, ITV and Ferrari.

Further enterprises include the music label 60hz with Mark Hill and Neil Simpson, which works to nurture talent such as Nat Slater & Kyi in the past. And Education, where he works with local universities and schools.

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