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Acustica Audio Cherry mastering EQ plug-in Hyper analogue sampling

Acustica Cherry mastering EQ plug-in

Cherry is a new EQ plug-in aimed at mastering applications, and has been created based on samples taken from a pair of popular hardware devices.

Acustica Cloud Lava microphone modelling emulation online remote processing public beta

Acustica Cloud public beta

Users are being invited to test out a new service which allows batches of audio files to be processed remotely with Acustica's Lava microphone modelling technology.

Acustica Audio Frost channel strip plug-in dynamic EQ preamp saturation compression

Acustica reveal Frost channel strip

Acustica Audio's latest channel strip plug-in offers a combination of saturation, EQ, and compression, and allows users to combine sections to provide dynamic EQ facilities. 

Acustica Erin mastering plug-in suite compressor limiter EQ hyper engine

Acustica update Erin plug-in suite

Two new processors have been added to Acustica's Erin mastering suite, both of which utilise the company's new Hyper compression technology. 


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