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Shure Nexadyne NXN8/C NXN8/S live vocal dynamic microphone Revonic dual transducer

Shure reveal Nexadyne vocal mics

The latest addition to Shure's vocal mic line-up promises to deliver enhanced clarity and feedback resistance thanks to an innovative new dual-transducer design. 

Shure MV7+ Podcast Microphone USB XLR hybrid

Shure announce MV7+ Podcast Microphone

Shure's updated MV7+ boasts a new visual design, and benefits from software upgrades designed with the needs of modern content creators in mind.

Shure AB Wavemark acquisition

Shure acquire AB Wavemark

Shure have announced that they have acquired Ab Wavemark Oy, bringing integration with the company's Wavetool and WTautomixer V2 software to Shure’s professional audio equipment line-up.

Shure GLX-D+ digital dual band wireless handheld lavalier microphone guitar system

New Shure GLX-D+ wireless systems

The latest version of Shure's digital wireless systems offer improved performance and battery time, and come with a wide range of transmitter options. 


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