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Softube Flow Mastering Suite all-in-one plug-in software processing bundle

Flow Mastering Suite from Softube

Flow Mastering Suite comes equipped with signal chains created by professional engineers and offers an all-in-one solution for adding the finishing touches to a track. 

Softube Amp Room Suites Marshall Vintage Metal Bass amp simulation cabinet modelling effects plug-in

Softube launch Amp Room Suites & Volume 6

Amp Room Suites reconfigures Softube's guitar and bass amp emulation software into four dedicated amp categories, whilst Volume 6 provides a comprehensive bundle of processing, effects and instrument plug-ins. 

Softube Model 80 Five Voice Synthesizer Sequential Prophet-5 emulation recreation virtual software instrument softsynthplug-in

Softube introduce Model 80 soft synth

Softube's latest virtual instrument faithfully recreates the Sequential Prophet-5, adding some optional new features and also making five of its sections available for their Modular plug-in.

Softube Bus Processor compressor saturation stereo width spatialisation plug-in  SSL G-series

Softube release new Bus Processor plug-in

Softube's latest plug-in pairs a compressor with saturation and stereo width sections, aiming to provide users with an all-in-one bus processing solution. 


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