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WIMS WoodTroller WoodSynth MIDI 2.0 MPE synth controller iPad iOS App update

WIMS update WoodSynth & WoodTroller

The latest WoodSynth and WoodTroller updates add MIDI 2.0 support along with some handy MIDI mapping features for Komplete Kontrol users. 

WIMS WoodTroller MPE MIDI Polyphonic Expression iPad Mac controller application plug-in

WIMS WoodTroller: iPad/Mac MPE controller

WoodTroller is an MPE controller application and plug-in that can either be used as a multi-touch controller on the iPad, or in single-touch mode on a Mac. 

WIMS WoodSynth 3.0

WIMS release WoodSynth 3.0

The latest version of WoodSynth focuses on the instrument's sequencer, introducing a newly designed UI along with a host of powerful new features. 

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