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WIMS WoodTroller: iPad/Mac MPE controller

MIDI Polyphonic Expression application/plug-in

WIMS WoodTroller MPE MIDI Polyphonic Expression iPad Mac controller application plug-in

WIMS have announced the release of WoodTroller, an iPad and Mac application that acts as an MPE (MIDI Polyphonic Expression) keyboard and macro controller that can either be used in standalone mode, or as a plug-in within a DAW.

WoodTroller’s GUI consists of eight rotary controls, each of which is capable of transmitting six MIDI CC messages to different channels, making it possible to map a single control to multiple parameters on a single instrument, or across different devices. User are able to define each control’s name, colour, unit and range, and it is also possible to assign individual ranges to each channel assigned to the rotary control. Eight buttons are also present, and are capable of sending up to eight MIDI commands including CC, Program Change and Note-On messages to different channels. Once again, the buttons’ type and colour can be defined by the user.

A Touch Bar section then provides a keyboard-like display divided into three sections by two horizontal lines. Pressing below the bottom line will result in a Note On command being triggered, with vertical movement above the first line translating to an increase in MIDI channel pressure, and movement above the second line resulting in an increase in value of CC74. Horizontal movement movement across the Touch Bar provides pitch-bend control, which is polyphonic on the iPad app, and monophonic on the desktop version.


The application has been primarily designed for the iPad, where it will function as a multi-touch controller, but will also run on desktop machines running macOS, although will be limited to single-touch operation. WoodTroller’s settings can be stored as presets on Apple’s iCloud service, resulting in automatic preset syncing between multiple devices.

Pricing & Availability

WoodTroller is available now via the App Store, and is priced at $11.99.

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