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Zoom B2 Four bass guitar multi-effects pedal amp cabinet simulator impulse response

Zoom to launch B2 Four

Zoom's upcoming B2 Four brings their new Multi-Layer IR technology to bassists, providing an all-in-one amp simulation and multi-effects solution.

Zoom UAC-232 32-bit floating point audio interface clip-free recording no gain setting

Zoom release UAC-232

Zooms latest interface uses 32-bit floating point technology to offer clip-free recordings without the need to set gain levels. 

Zoom G2 Four G2X Four multi-effects guitar pedal processors reverb modulation distortion amp cabinet simulator

New Zoom multi-effects processors

Zoom's latest multi-effects guitar pedals offer amp and cabinet simulation powered by the company's new Multi-Layer IR technology. 

Zoom MicTrak M2 M3 M4 stereo mid-side 32-bit floating point field recorder X/Y shotgun camera microphone

Zoom unveil MicTrak field recorders

Zoom's MicTrak series offers a range of stereo microphones combined with 32-bit floating point field recorders, allowing users to capture audio anywhere without worrying about clipping.

Zoom R12 MultiTrak announced

Zoom unveil R12 MultiTrak

Not only a multitrack recorder, the R12 has built-in rhythm parts and a playable synthesizer and can operate as an audio interface or DAW controller.


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