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Audio Engineering Society 75th Anniversary | Podcast

Developing Audio Standards By Hugh Robjohns
Published August 2023
Audio Engineering Society

In celebration of the 75th anniversary of the Audio Engineering Society, President Bruce Olson talks to SOS Technical Editor Hugh Robjohns about their history, their role in developing standards across the audio industry and their entrance requirements for new members.

Show Notes


00:00 - Introduction
00:27 - A Brief History
01:33 - Who The Society Is For
02:46 - Entrance Requirements
04:16 - Bruce Olson Background
07:54 - Developing Standards
11:15 - Membership Benefits
15:16 - Attending Conferences
18:37 - Job And Training Opportunities
20:26 - A Fast-Moving Industry
21:48 - The Future Of Audio
24:13 - Encouraging Diversity
26:30 - AES Membership

Bruce Olson - Biog

Bruce C. Olson is the founding member of Olson Sound Design LLC, a consulting firm specialising in acoustical and technical systems design for music and theatre facilities.

Bruce C. Olson, President of the Audio Engineering Society

As the President of the Audio Engineering Society, Chairman of the AES Standards Committee, and having served as the Chairman of AES SC-05-05, Vice-Chairman of AES TC-EMC, AES Governor, President of his local ASA chapter, Chairman of his local AES chapter, Bruce is actively involved in the latest technology in audio and acoustics. As the Founder and President of AFMG Services North America LLC, his invaluable knowledge and over 20 years of involvement with  AFMG make him the number-one expert for AFMG programs on the American continent.

Mr. Olson continues as an active musician and is a member of the Bend In The River Big Band. He is a member of AES, ASA, IEEE, SMPTE, Syn-Aud-Con, and has been an invited speaker for sessions, workshops, and seminars for the AES, AIA, ASA, InfoComm, NAMM, NSCA, Syn-Aud-Con, and USITT.

Interviewer: Hugh Robjohns - Biog

Hugh Robjohns, SOS Technical Editor c.2020Hugh Robjohns has been Sound On Sound's Technical Editor since 1997. Prior to that he worked in a variety of (mostly) sound-related roles in BBC Television, ending up as a Sound Operations Lecturer at the BBC's technical training centre.

He continues to provide audio consultancy and bespoke broadcast audio training services all over the world, lectures at professional and public conventions, and occasionally records and masters acoustic and classical music too!

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