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Accentize update dxRevive

Restoration plug-in gains new algorithms

Accentize dxRevive Pro dialogue restoration enhancement noise reduction post-production plug-in

Accentize have announced the release of dxRevive version 1.1.0, which adds a host of new features including new algorithms and improved overall performance to their acclaimed audio restoration plug-in.

Users of both dxRevive and dxRevive Pro benefit from the inclusion of a new Studio 2 algorithm, which Accentize describe as the next generation of their original Studio algorithm. It has been designed to deliver the desired studio sound with enhanced handling of high-frequency content, and promises to be of particular benefit when tackling recordings with content above 4kHz, where it will deliver superior clarity and detail when compared to its predecessor.

Users of dxRevive Pro will gain another new addition in the form of Natural, a completely new algorithm that offers background noise and reverb removal with minimal EQ manipulation, allowing restored audio to remain truer to the sound of the original recording. Additionally, the Pro version now features a new algorithm selection window that makes it easier to pick the correct tool for the task at hand, whilst individual bypass buttons for each frequency band allow users to quickly compare changes or focus their processing on specific frequency bands.


dxRevive is supported on PCs running Windows 7 or higher, and Macs running macOS 10.12 and above. VST, AU and AAX plug-in versions are available. Authorisation is carried out via PACE’s iLok system, but a USB dongle is not required.

Pricing & Availability

The update is available now, and is free to current dxRevive users. For those wishing to purchase the plug-in, prices are as follows:

  • dxRevive £89 including VAT
  • dxRevive Pro: £259 including VAT

It can also be purchased as part of the Complete bundle, which also includes DeRoom Pro, Chameleon, VoiceGate and SpectralBalance, and costs £663 including VAT.

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