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Accentize release dxRevive

Cleans and enhances noisy dialogue recordings

Accentize dxRevive Pro dialogue restoration enhancement noise reduction post-production plug-in

The latest release from Accentize is not only capable of removing noise in dialogue recordings, but can restore lost clarity and tone using AI technology. Two versions of the new plug-in are available: dxRevive Pro and dxRevive, with the former aimed at professionals and the latter offering a reduced feature set suited to video editors, podcasters and content creators. 

Promising to set a new standard for audio post-production, dxRevive is capable of removing noise, hums and disturbances whilst preserving recorded dialogue. In addition to the removal of unwanted noise, the plug-in also enhances the remaining signal and restores its tonal balance, offering improved audio quality as well as a cleaner-sounding recording.

The algorithms used in the plug-in are based on artificial neural networks and have been trained using Accentize’s custom database, which contains an extensive collection of speech recordings from speakers around the world. As a result, the algorithms have been exposed to a wide variety of languages, linguistic nuances and accents, allowing dxRevive to accurately restore an extensive range of different voices and pronunciations.

Processing is carried out locally without any specialist hardware or cloud-based processing, meaning that users do not have to wait for uploads and downloads or worry about data security. Accentize say that the algorithms have been optimised for local processing, and that modern machines should be able to run a few instances of the plug-in in real time, although they do still require significant CPU resources. They recommend the use of offline rendering processes wherever possible — such as AudioSuite in Pro Tools or DOP in Cubase and Nuendo — especially when working on larger projects.

Accentize dxRevive Pro dialogue restoration enhancement noise reduction post-production plug-inAccentize dxRevive Pro allows users to set the amount of processing applied across multiple frequency bands.

Both versions of dxRevive offer simple one-knob operation, employ the same processing and Studio Sound algorithm, and support multiple speakers, languages and accents. The Pro version then gains a Retain Character algorithm, as well as a Spectral Focus mode which allows users to fine-tune the processing across multiple frequency bands, and comes loaded with ‘Restore Phone’ and ‘Restore Low-End’ presets.

dxRevive Pro is also available as part of the Accentize Complete Bundle, which also includes DeRoom Pro, Chameleon, VoiceGate and SpectralBalance.


dxRevive is supported on PCs running Windows 7 and above, and Macs running macOS 10.14 and higher. The plug-ins are available in VST3, AU and AAX formats. Authorisation is provided by PACE’s iLok system, with machine, cloud and dongle activation methods supported.

Pricing & Availability

dxRevive is available now with introductory pricing offers available until 30 September 2023. Prices are as follows:

  • dxRevive: $74£67 (usually $99£89)
  • dxRevive Pro: $225£195  (usually $299£259)
  • Accentize Complete Bundle: $838£672 (usually $1196£960)

Prices include VAT.

A free trial version is available for those who wish to try out the plug-ins on their system.

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