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Adam US launch limited-time 2.1 bundle offer

Matched monitors and subwoofer bundles available at exclusive package prices

Adam Audio's A7X-SUB10 bundle, available in the US.ADAM Audio have announce the availability of their new  2.1 bundle program, in which pairs of ADAM monitors will be available as a special bundle with a matched ADAM subwoofer at very exclusive package pricing. The 2.1 program, which begins today and runs through the end of June, features four different ADAM monitor and sub bundles, the A3X-SUB7, A5X-SUB8, A7X-SUB10 and A8X-SUB12, and will be available from select ADAM Audio dealers.
ADAM Audio decided to launch this special 2.1 program after speaking with customers around the world and recognizing the important need for them to have systems which combine all the precision of ADAM studio monitors with all the hype that they want in a top quality subwoofer. In offering the monitors and subs together as a bundle, ADAM Audio has done the work of matching the monitors and subs together for ultimate performance as a package.
“As a recording engineer, I have always been passionate about using a sub when I mix as well as when I track. Nowadays, the sub is so crucial since there is so much more information below 80Hz that needs to be heard and analyzed,” says Dave Hetrick, President of ADAM Audio US. “That’s why I am so excited to offer our customers our 2.1 special bundles of precision monitors matched with a very high-quality subwoofer. Now everyone can have a complete ADAM package of monitors and a matched sub which offers them all of our famous precision — with all the power that they need — at a great price.”
The ADAM 2.1 program will feature four distinct bundle packages to meet a wide variety of customer needs and studio setups.  First, the A3X-SUB7 bundle adds depth to desktop monitoring with an extended bottom end and huge SPL, with a frequency response of 32 Hz to 50 kHz and 107 dB Max SPL.  Next, the A5X-SUB8 bundle combines precision in the mids and highs with midfield SPL and bass extension, with a frequency response of 28 Hz to 50 kHz and a Max SPL of 110 dB. Both the A3X-SUB7 and A5X-SUB8 bundles include an industry exclusive wireless remote control for calibrating the system from the ‘sweet-spot’. The A7X-SUB10 bundle combines ADAM’s iconic A7X with a powerful subwoofer which matches the transient response, dynamic range and SPL of the nearfields, with a frequency response of 25 Hz to 50 kHz and a Max SPL of 113dB. And taking the bundling to the max is the A8X-SUB12 bundle, adding low-end extension and clean SPL to depths that will fill any control room, with a frequency response of 22 Hz to 50 kHz and an impressive 120 dB Max SPL.
“With our famous X-ART tweeter being painstakingly made by hand in Berlin, we are not afforded the opportunity to offer discounts on our products,” adds Hetrick. “But as we are always striving to improve our offerings by listening to our clients’ needs, we are excited to be able to offer these special 2.1 bundles at a significant discount for a limited time.”
For more details on select dealer locations, pricing and how to get your ADAM 2.1 bundle email: or call  (615) 983-6210.

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