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ADDAC System launch ADDAC309 module

Simple CV to Expression module joins 300-series line-up

ADDAC System ADDAC309 CV to Expression Eurorack module guitar effects pedal control

ADDAC System have announced the launch of the ADDAC309 CV to Expression, a simple but effective Eurorack module that makes it possible to control effects units equipped with expression pedal inputs from a modular synth rig.

Occupying just 4HP of rack space, the ADDAC309 allows users to use a CV source in their Eurorack setup to control an effects pedal via its quarter-inch TRS expression pedal input. Two channels of control are provided, with a pair of CV inputs joined by two quarter-inch outputs — each of the inputs also benefit from their own dedicated attenuator controls.

The module is a passive device, and so requires no power from the host rack’s PSU, instead drawing its required power from the connected pedals. This approach also allows the ADDAC309 to perfectly match the required operating voltage of any pedal, which can can between 3.3 and 9 volts.

Pricing & Availability

The ADDAC309 is available now, priced at €60.

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