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ADDAC331 Ultra Floor Control

Foot controller for modular synths

ADDAC331 Ultra Floor Control foot controller

ADDAC331 Ultra Floor Control Eurorack moduleADDAC System have released the ADDAC331 Ultra Floor Control, a controller that pairs up with an 8HP Eurorack module to integrate footswitch and expression pedal control into modular synth setups.

The floor unit features five footswitches and five expression pedal inputs, with their corresponding outputs present on the front of the accompanying 8HP module, which is paired up via a DB25 connector cable. Each of the footswitches output 0 to +5V Gate signals, with LEDs on the floor unit to show their status, whilst the expression pedal inputs appear at the module as -5 to +5V CV signals. Switches on the floor unit allow the user to choose between different behaviours for both the footswitches and expression pedal outputs.

More details can be found on the product page at ADDAC’s website. The ADDAC 331 is available now, priced at 380 Euros.

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