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SPL MTC Mk2 Monitor Controller

New headphone features and monitor checks

SPL MTC Mk2 monitor controller

SPL have launched the MTC Mk2, the successor to their popular MTC monitor controller. Following the same form factor as the original, but with some welcome new features, the MTC Mk2 aims to provide an all-in-one monitoring, talkback and cue mix solution.

The unit allows users to switch between four stereo input sources (one of which can be assigned to act as a dedicated cue mix), and three pairs of speakers, with a single forth output providing a summed signal to feed a subwoofer or mono speaker. Another pair of outputs allow the cue mix to be passed on to other gear, an external headphone amp for example, whilst a talkback output allows the signal from a built-in microphone to be routed to a speaker system in the recording room, or over to an interface/DAW to provide further routing options. Talkback can be activated either via a button on the front panel, or hands-free by connecting a latching or momentary TS/TRS footswitch to an input on the rear panel. Another stereo output allows connections to external meters, mirroring the level present at the speaker outputs (this output is unaffected by the volume control).

The large milled aluminium knob in the centre of the front panel provides the overall level control, with a row of push switches along the top edge taking care of all of the switching and monitoring functions. There are two built in headphone amplifiers, each with their own volume control, with the second having the option to be configured as a dedicated artist cue mix delivered via the cue input. Both of these headphone outputs feature SPL’s Phonitor Matrix, a simplified version of the features found on their Phonitor headphone amplifiers. A Dim switch attenuates the active output by 10dB, a speaker Mute switch allows users to quickly switch off all speaker outputs, and a second Mute takes care of the headphone outputs (but not the second one if Cue mix mode is activated). In terms of monitor functions, there are options for LR Swap, Polarity and a Mono switch. Helpfully, the last two can be combined to provide monitoring of the ‘sides’ signal.

SPL MTC Mk2 rear panel

The SPL MTC Mk2 will be priced at 1299 Euros, with availability yet to be announced

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