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SPL introduce Channel One & Track One Mk3

Company update popular channel strip designs

SPL Channel One Track One Mk3 analogue outboard tube channel strip preamp EQ Transient Designer de-esser compressor

SPL’s latest releases see the company update the design of two of their popular channel strip units, offering both improved technical performance and some useful new features. The Channel One Mk3 now runs a higher internal audio voltage as well as gaining new Transient Designer and Tube Saturation stages, whilst the Track One Mk3 benefits from improved technical specifications and also promises a more intuitive user experience.

SPL say that the revised Channel One design boasts an even better, more detailed sound thanks to a higher ±18V internal audio voltage, and has also gained a number of new features that add to the existing de-esser, compressor and equaliser sections. The company’s famous Transient Designer circuitry is now built into the unit, allowing users to manipulate the envelopes of incoming signals in order to accelerate or slow down transients, as well as increase or decrease sustain times. The section’s Attack control offers a range of ±15dB, and the Sustain parameter provides ±24dB of adjustment.

Some variable harmonic distortion is then provided by a new Tube Saturation circuit, which can be placed either directly after the preamp and before the de-esser, or between the EQ and output stage. The section features a single control that ranges from 0 to 100 %, and the output is automatically adjusted to compensate for the increased signal level — when set to maximum, the units overall output will be increased by 6dB.

The Channel One has also gained an extra microphone input, allowing users to connect and quickly switch between two microphones to carry out A/B comparisons. The original connectivity options remain, with a line-level input placed on the rear panel, along with a front panel instrument input.

The updated Track One is still equipped with the same set of features as its predecessor, but sees some technical revisions that offer improved audio performance along with a revamped visual design.

Pricing & Availability

Both new units are available now, with the Channel One Mk3 priced at $2487, and the Track One Mk3 costing $1049. Premium versions of both devices that are equipped with Lundahl transformers are also available to order at an additional cost.

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