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PLASMA Voice Eurorack module from Gamechanger Audio

Generates sound using high-voltage electrical discharges

Gamechanger Audio PLASMA Voice Eurorack modular synth module

Gamechanger Audio are known for their unusual approach to instruments and processors, and their signature high-voltage PLASMA distortion circuitry has found its way into a number of products aimed at both guitarists and studio users. Now, with the release of the PLASMA Voice, the company have made it available in Eurorack form, where it becomes the first of their devices to use the technology to generate sound rather than process it.

PLASMA Voice generates sound by manipulating high-voltage electrical discharges between a pair of electrodes contained within a xenon-filled tube. The discharges themselves are driven by a pulse-width oscillator, and are converted to analogue audio signals using a rectifier circuit. A total of 49 sounds are provided in seven banks (Bass, Lead, Pluck, Drum, Metal, Static and Spark), each driven by digital algorithms that modulate the plasma tube driver and transformer circuitry using techniques such as pulse-width and frequency modulation, sample pitch modulation, wavefolding and more.

The device features an analogue signal path equipped with a soft clipping drive circuit, high- and low-frequency EQ controls, a state-variable VCF with switchable 12dB/octave high- and low-pass modes, and an output VCA. Both the VCA and VCF use analogue control voltages internally, but are controlled digitally. A set of six sliders offer control over pitch, time, modulation, harmonic content, electric artifact and cutoff parameters, and the module is also equipped with five attenuverters for use with external CV signals — CV inputs are provided for each slider, and there is also an assignable multi-CV input.

The PLASMA Voice is equipped with a 3.5mm TRS MIDI input, and supports note velocity, CC control over its panel functions, Program Change bank and patch control, Channel 10 general percussion key mapping, along with pitch and mod wheel inputs. The company say that the connection will also be able to facilitate any future firmware updates via MIDI SysEx.

Key Specs

  • Module Width: 16HP
  • Maximum Power Draw: 220mA +12V / 35mA -12V

Pricing & Availability

The PLASMA Voice is available to order now, priced at $499€412, and is expected to be shipping by mid-December 2023.

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