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Motor Synth MkII now available

Instrument gains DCO and new performance features

Gamechanger Audio Motor Synth MKII electric motor synthesizer

Gamechanger Audio have announced that the Motor Synth MkII is now available in a limited quantity. First revealed in 2019, the Motor Synth is an innovative instrument that uses electric motors as oscillators. The latest version features some design improvements, introduces a DCO, and adds a range of new performance features. 

The Motor Synth MkII features a re-engineered voice block which utilises custom-built brushless electric motors, surrounded by carefully designed acoustic treatment materials that significantly reduce mechanical noise when compared to the original design.

The device is equipped with two motor voices, each of which feature four oscillators, and are capable of operating in mono, unison, or four-note polyphonic modes. Each motor voice features a separate set of controls for adjusting Volume, Scale, and Waveshape parameters, and also boasts individual amp envelopes for each musical note, as well as an Acceleration / Brake section, which offers detailed control over Portamento and Pitch Mod settings. Additionally, the Motor Synth MkII features a newly added digital oscillator voice which offers extensive waveshaping capabilities and a noise engine, and also benefits from its own independent amp and pitch envelopes, and a digital filter.

The instrument features a powerful modulation section, offering three individual LFOs that are each equipped with adjustable positive and negative depth controls. Each LFO can be assigned to almost any knob or encoder value on two independent modulation slots, and there are five independent modulation waveforms available, each with a detailed waveshaping engine.

New performance functions have been introduced, including Link and Unlink controls for amp, pitch and envelope parameters, and the device’s arpeggiator and sequencer have been fully redesigned. The instrument also includes a Motion Record engine, which offers eight recording lanes each with editable playback speed, direction, duration, quantisation settings.

MIDI is available via 5-pin DIN connectors and USB, with the Motor Synth MkII able to send and receive Note and Clock information, and further control is possible courtesy of three assignable CV inputs, and three assignable trigger inputs.

Gamechanger Audio gave us an overview and demonstration of the Motor Synth MkII at Superbooth 2022, check out the video below to find out more and hear the instrument in action.

Pricing & Availability

Motor Synth MkII is available now, priced at $3299€2726.

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