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Gamechanger Audio introduce MOD Series

Combining classic pedal design with modular synthesis

Gamechanger Audio MOD Series pedals

Gamechanger Audio have proudly introduced the MOD Series, which combines classic pedal design with modular synthesis. Aiming to reimagine the possibilities of pedal effects, this series places emphasis on the musician's touch, dynamics, and note choices which can all directly impact the output sound.

The MOD Series launches with three pedals: MOD Delay, MOD Reverb, and MOD Chorus. Each pedal in the series features dynamics and pitch-following engines controlled directly by the musician's performance. The DYNAMICS function captures the nuances of playing volume, reflecting picking style and instrument decay. The PITCH tracker responds to note selection, bends, and vibratos. Players can additionally use standard 3.5mm TS patch cables to route these modulations dynamically to any of the four effect knobs.

The MOD Series launches with three separate effects pedals: Reverb, Delay and Chorus.The MOD Series launches with three separate effects pedals: Reverb, Delay and Chorus.

On the MOD Reverb, three algorithms (PLATE, SPRING, and HALL) provide versatile reverb options. The four controls (LEVEL, DECAY, TONE, DRIVE) and three stereo spread settings (0%, 50%, 100%) offer precise customisation of the reverb effect.

The MOD Delay, features three algorithms (TAPE, ANALOG, and DIGITAL), allowing control over LEVEL, TIME, FEEDBACK, and TONE. Three PING PONG panning settings (0%, 50%, 100%) and MIDI or analog clock synchronization add to its versatility. It also includes a tap tempo function.

MOD Chorus, the third pedal in the series, boasts three algorithms (CHORUS, ENSEMBLE, and FLANGE). The four controls (LEVEL, DEPTH, RATE, FEEDBACK) and three shapes (SAWTOOTH, SINE, RAMP) provide a rich chorus effect.

The MOD Series pedals offer both stereo and mono signal processing, with stereo routing possible through regular TS mono cables or TRS stereo cables. The series features switchable input levels, input level functionality, and additional inputs and outputs for versatile setups. MIDI/CLK input allows for MIDI clock or analog trigger sync, and a USB-C input enables future updates.

Price & Availability

The Gamechanger MOD Series pedals are available now, retailing at $299£269.

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