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SPL launch Phonitor 3

Popular design updated and improved

SPL Phonitor 3 studio headphone amp monitor controller crossfeed control speaker switching

SPL have announced the launch of the Phonitor 3, an updated and improved version of their popular headphone amplifier and monitor controller. Unlike the recently released Phonitor 3 DAC, this latest addition to the range is an all-analogue affair with no D-A conversion, and will serve as a direct replacement for the Phonitor 2, which is now discontinued. 

The Phonitor 3 allows users to switch between three analogue line-level stereo input sources, which can be connected via rear-panel XLR sockets, and pairs a large central volume control with a collection of helpful monitoring functions. A left/right solo switch is joined by a polarity reversal option which can be applied to either channel, a left/right swap function, and of course, stereo and mono listening modes. There’s also an output mute, and a switch to reduce the level displayed on the front-panel VU meters by -6 or -12 dB to accommodate hotter signal levels. 

SPL say that the aim of the Phonitor 3 is to ensure that users are able to monitor on headphones with the same spatial perception offered by their speaker system. As such, the unit comes equipped with the company’s Phonitor Matrix, which makes it possible to create a more speaker-like listening experience by dialling in some crossfeed between the left and right channels and simulating a range of different speaker angles. There's also a Centre knob, which allows users to ensure the phatom centre image level remains consistent between headphones and monitors. A front-panel switch is provided to turn the matrix on and off, as well as offering two modes: crosstalk and angle only (Cr/A), or crosstalk, angle and centre image level (All). 

Expansion Rack

SPL Phonitor 3 Rack Extension

The Phonitor 3 can be paired up with an optional Expansion Rack kit, which as its name suggests, turns the device into a 2U rackmount unit and adds an additional three output pairs, with a large front-panel knob taking on monitor switching duties. 

Pricing & Availability

The Phonitor 3 is available now, with pricing as follows:

  • Phonitor 3: $2110€1899
  • Phonitor 3 + Expansion Rack: $2542€2288

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