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IK Multimedia announce TONEX ONE 

Compact alternative to hardware TONEX Pedal

IK Multimedia TONEX ONE live performance amp cabinet effect modelling impulse response hardware

In 2023, IK Multimedia took their amp modelling and effects software to the stage with the release of the TONEX Pedal, and have since released a number of updates that expand its amp and cabinet library. The company have now announced the upcoming release of the TONEX ONE, a tiny pedal capable of hosting up to 20 Tone Model presets. 

The latest addition to the TONEX range has been designed as an ultra-compact, budget-friendly way to incorporate IK Multimedia’s amp and effects modelling technology into a live rig. It comes supplied with 200 Tone Models, 20 of which can be loaded onto the pedal via USB-C using the TONEX software; the footswitch can be configured in either a Stomp (bypass) mode, or a Dual mode that makes it possible to quickly switch between two different presets.

A Volume/Gain knob is joined by Bass, Mid and Treble pots for some hands-on control over the loaded preset parameters, and there’s also an onboard compressor, reverb, noise gate and tuner. The three smaller pots feature an LED backlight that can be used to identify different presets, a feature which becomes even more useful when using multiple TONEX ONE pedals.

As you’d expect, a mono input is provided on a quarter-inch TS socket, while a TRS socket provides a stereo output, which in addition to feeding an amp, PA system or powered cabinet, can also be used to connect a pair of headphones for silent practise. Importantly, there’s an option to bypass any cabinet modelling in the loaded Tone Model if the pedal is being used to drive a guitar amp rather than a full-range system. 

The pedal comes supplied with a copy of IK Multimedia’s TONEX SE and AmpliTube 5 SE software, and in addition to the included presets, users are able to expand their library by purchasing and downloading additional Tone Models from the extensive online library — the collection is always expanding, and currently sits at over 25,000 models. As well as providing a connection to the included editor and librarian software, the TONEX ONE’s USB-C port also allows the unit to function as an audio interface, making it possible to track the pedal’s sounds directly into a DAW.

SOS Review

To find out more about TONEX, take a look at our review of the original pedal in the June 2023 issue of SOS.

Pricing & Availability

The Tonex One is available to pre-order now, priced at $179.99. IK Multimedia say that units will begin shipping in May 2024.

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