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SlatFusor PL from GIK Acoustics

Absorption/diffusion range gains third panel design

GIK Acoustics SlafFusor PL acoustic treatment panel absorber diffusor

In 2023, GIK Acoustics launched the SlatFusor line, a range of acoustic panels that combine absorption and diffusion in an effort to maintain a balanced frequency response when treating a room. Earlier in 2024 the range gained a triangular ‘corner trap’ model, and now, it’s been expanded once again with the SlatFusor PL.

The new additions to the line-up are poly-cylindrical, measure 500 x 1200 mm, and can function as free-standing panels as well as being secured to a wall. Their construction is the same as that of the rest of the range, with a mineral wool core covered by a black fabric and finished in furniture-grade oak veneer slats. As with the previous offerings in the SlatFusor family, they can be used to tackle low-frequency issues — GIK say that they’re effective down to 70Hz — without over-damping the high end. Their design means that they can be mixed seamlessly with the other panels in the range as part of a larger acoustic treatment solution. 

SOS Review

We put the SlatFusor panels to the test in the February 2024 issue of SOS, click here to check out the full review (print / web / app / replica / PDF editions).

Pricing & Availability

SlatFusor PL panels are available now, priced at $179£190.80 including VAT.

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