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GIK Acoustics introduce SlatFusor Series

Combined absorption & diffusion

GIK Acoustics SlatFusor slat diffusor absorber acoustic treatment panels

The latest range to join GIK Acoustics’ selection of pre-built acoustic panels has been designed to smooth out inconsistencies in a room’s frequency response and decay time whilst avoiding the over-attenuation of mid- and high-frequency content. The SlatFusor Series offers a selection of panels of different sizes and depths, and sports a premium furniture-grade finish that promises to complement any home or professional studio.

The range is said to excel in controlling echoes and reverberation as well as offering effective absorption of low-frequency content — GIK say that the design is 30% more effective than standard absorber designs. The panels consist of a high-performance absorber finished in black felt, with spaced wooden slats serving to scatter mid- and high-frequency reflections and avoid over-damping the room’s top-end response.

Each panel is supplied with a set of sawtooth hangers to allow for easy mounting with no glue or adhesive required. They have been designed to serve both as individual panels, or to cover entire walls; the pattern used for the slats ensures that they remain evenly spaced when multiple panels are placed alongside each other, extending the pattern seamlessly rather than leaving unsightly gaps. The slats themselves are made from a high-quality oak veneer, and so can be treated with a wood stain should users wish to tailor their appearance to suit the rest of their room.

Pricing & Availability

The SlatFusor Series panels are available to order now, and are currently (20 October 2023) subject to a 15% discount. Pricing is as follows:

  • SlatFusor 2S - From $65 (usually $75)
  • SlatFusor 4S - From $84 (usually $99)
  • SlatFusor 6S - From $109 (usually $129)

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