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GIK Acoustics announce SlatFusor CT

SlatFusor range gains corner trap units

GIK Acoustics SlatFusor slat diffusor absorber corner bass trap acoustic treatment panels

GIK Acoustics’ recently introduced SlatFusor panels combine absorption and diffusion in an effort to avoid over-damping a room’s midrange and high-frequency response. The existing line-up consists of a set of four wall panels that vary in depth from 25 to 150 mm, and now the company have announced the launch of the SlatFusor CT, which adds a triangular ‘corner trap’ designed to help tackle low-frequency build-up.

The new addition to the range stands at 1m tall and measures 585mm across its front edge, and can be used individually or stacked together to span an entire corner. Visually, the SlatFusor CT has been designed to blend seamlessly with the rest of the range, sporting the same sustainable oak veneer slats fitted on top of a black felt covering. Absorption is taken care of by a mineral wool core, which GIK say is twice as effective as similar foam-based products, and is capable of effectively tackling frequencies down to 60Hz.

SOS Review

We put the SlatFusor wall panels to the test in SOS February 2024, click here to check out our review (print / web / app / replica / PDF editions).

Pricing & Availability

The SlatFusor CT is available now, priced at $199£238.80 including VAT. For a limited time, the company are offering a 15% discount on the entire SlatFusor range, which can be obtained by applying the code SLAT15 at checkout.

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