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Karno form SMK distribution arm

Sony distribution to continue & expand under new brand

Karno SMK Sony distribution UK USA

Karno have announced the formation of a new division of their brand that will focus entirely on marketing and distribution, both of which have previously been handled by the company alongside developing their own technology and products. SMK (Sales and Marketing by Karno) will share some of the same personnel as Karno — including Director Adam Pierce and Sales Manager Sam North — and will continue to distribute their existing portfolio alongside upcoming Karno releases.

The company say that despite the rebrand, SMK will remain deeply rooted in Karno’s legacy, and will continue to supply Sony’s pro audio range, including their flagship DWX wireless systems, UWP-D ENG systems and microphones such as the C-100, as well as upholding their renowned support to customers throughout the industry. As part of the rebranding, SMK have also established a presence in the USA, which they say will pave the way for global expansion and replicate their success and partnership with Sony in new territories.

Over the coming months, SMK will also be announcing further developments, including the addition of new brands to their portfolio and an expansion of their staff team.

“In essence, SMK encompasses all of the work put in to establish and succeed with distribution at Karno over the past five years, just under a new and dynamic banner. With Karno’s technology projects, including the ground-breaking SEPIA, growing at a phenomenal rate, it only made sense to ensure our distribution business had its own space. Our distributed brands speak for themselves, but as a team we are excited to grow into new territories, pushing the boundaries of support and customer service.” - Sam North, Sales Manager, SMK

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