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SSL 360° Link plug-in now available

Control any third-party plug-in from UC1

SSL 360 Link UC1 UF1 UF8 control surface third-party plug-in control mapping

When SSL launched the UC1, it offered DAW users a console-style mixing approach by serving as a controller for the company’s own collection of plug-ins. At the NAMM Show 2024, they previewed a new piece of software that allowed the unit to control any third-party plug-in, and it has now been made available for download.

With the new 360° Link plug-in, users can add any third-party plug-in to their session and still have the benefit of the UC1’s console-style operation. It comes loaded with a selection of customisable maps for SSL channel strip plug-ins from the likes of Slate Digital, Harrison Audio, Universal Audio, Waves and Brainworx, and is equipped with a user-friendly mapping tool that makes it possible to extend the functionality to any other processor.

Although the UC1’s layout is clearly optimised for channel strips, it is possible to create layout for all plug-ins, and any maps created with 360° Link become visible in the SSL 360° Plug-in Mixer, which can also be controlled from the company’s UF1 and UF8 control surfaces.

"Integrating the control of third-party plug-ins and bringing them into the SSL 360° ecosystem has always been one of our goals. With the launch of SSL 360° Link, producers and engineers can now supercharge their UC1 by controlling any plug-in from the surface, all without leaving SSL 360°’s 'virtual console' workflow — it’s a very powerful addition. Best of all, SSL 360° is a free download, and is available now." - Andy Jackson, Senior Studio Product Manager, Solid State Logic


360° Link is available in VST, VST3, AU and AAX plug-in formats, and is capable of hosting third-party VST3 plug-ins.


360° Link is available now, and is free to download from the SSL website.

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