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SPL reveal Crescendo Duo V2

Updated design and gain step values

SPL Crescendo Duo V2 two-channel microphone preamp 120V high headroom

Sound Performance Lab (SPL) have released the Crescendo Duo V2, a new and updated version of their two-channel microphone preamp.

Due to the original design already being technically well-accomplished, the updates introduced in the new version are relatively minor: the stepped gain control values have been altered to offer a wider selection of options in the middle of the gain range, and the device is now housed in an improved enclosure which sports a stylish black finish.

One of the key features of the unit’s design is the use of ±60V power rails, which allows the Crescendo to offer significantly increased internal headroom when compared to more usual preamp designs. As a result, SPL say it is “almost impossible” to overdrive the preamp circuitry. To find out more about the design and its benefits, take a look at our review of the eight-channel Crescendo model in the May 2019 issue of SOS.

Each channel is equipped with switchable +48V phantom power, a polarity inversion switch, a switchable 6dB/octave 120Hz high-pass filter, and a VU-10 switch which applies a 10dB reduction to the value displayed by the channel’s VU meter, a useful feature when working with high signal levels. Gain adjustment is provided in 12 steps, with 18, 22, 26, 30, 34, 38, 44, 50, 56, 63, and 70 dB options available. A switchable Output control offers an additional ±10dB level control, and a Pad switch lowers the channel’s input sensitivity by 20dB, allowing the device to comfortably accept line-level signals if required.

All of the device’s I/O is provided by XLR connectors located on the rear panel. In addition to the expected microphone input and line-level output, both channels helpfully offer an additional parallel output, allowing users to route their signal to two different destinations without the need for any external splitters. There is also a ground lift switch, and power is delivered to the unit’s internal PSU via a standard IEC mains inlet.

Pricing & Availability

The Crescendo Duo V2 is available now, priced at $1999.

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