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Icon’s new P1-M, P1-X & P1-Nano controllers

Range gains three new compact models

Icon Pro Audio P1-X P1-M compact DAW control surface

Following the recent announcement of their new V1‑M and V1‑X DAW controllers, Icon Pro Audio have now revealed another three new models that will be joining their range. The P1‑M, P1‑X and P1‑Nano share many of the features introduced in the V1 units — including simultaneous control of up to three DAWs and custom control mapping — but with a more compact footprint that will fit comfortably into smaller studio setups.

P1-M & P1-X

The P1‑M is equipped with eight touch-sensitive motorised faders, along with eight rotary encoders and select, solo, mute and record buttons for each channel. A touchscreen display offers a grid of 16 DAW functions which can be customised to the user’s requirements using the company’s iMAP software, with five colour-coded layers allowing for up a total of 80 assignable controls. There’s also a selection of physical switches for control over surface functions such as banking and nudging, as well as DAW transport controls and automation modes, along with a multi-function jog wheel.

Icon Pro Audio P1-M A top view of the new P1-M DAW controller.

The P1‑X then serves as an expander unit, allowing users to add an additional set of eight faders, rotary encoders and channel function buttons to their P1‑M. The system supports up to seven P1-X units, making it possible to create a 64-channel control surface. Both units can also be paired with Icon’s D4 TFT meter bridge display for additional visual feedback.


Icon Pro Audio P1-Nano single-fader DAW control surfaceThe compact P1-Nano pairs a single motorised fader with a selection of touchscreen and physical controls.The compact P1‑Nano features a single touch-sensitive motorised fader for hands-on control over channel and send levels, whilst a row of eight rotary encoders provide plug-in control. The same touchscreen interface as the P1‑M offers a set of assignable controls, whilst hardware buttons again provide control over automation and transport functions — as with the P1‑M, the Nano is capable of being used with up to three DAWs at once. Channel name and parameter values are displayed on an LCD screen placed next to the fader, and an optional D5 unit can be used to add a row of eight additional displays (one for each rotary encoder) along the top of the P1-Nano in a meter bridge-style enclosure.

Pricing & Availability

The three new controllers will be available in December 2023, with pricing as follows:

  • P1-M: £646.80 including VAT / €712.81
  • P1-X: £538.80 including VAT / €593.81
  • P1-Nano: £322.80 including VAT / €355.81

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