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ALGO from RYK Modular

FM synthesis with no menu-diving

RYK Modular ALGO four-oscillator FM Eurorack module

The latest addition to the RYK Modular line-up arms modular rig owners with some complex FM synthesis capabilities without the need for any menu-diving. Described by the company as “all knobs and no menus”, ALGO is a stereo module equipped with four oscillators that can be adjusted entirely from the top-panel controls, and offers a wealth of different sounds thanks to some some flexible routing options. 

The four oscillators can be arranged in series or parallel configurations, with an LED Algorithm Display providing a visual indication of how the signal is flowing between them. Each is equipped with Level and Frequency parameters that can be controlled directly on the module itself, or via CV signals from another module — when choosing the latter option, the CV signal can be assigned to either the Level or Frequency parameter of each oscillator, but not both at once. 

A Wave Warp control makes it possible to morph sine waves through triangle and pulse shapes, and can be applied to either the carrier, modulator or both, while those in search of more dramatic effects can rely on a Wave Folder function, which comes loaded with three modes: Symmetric, Asymmetric and Soft Clip. Last but not least, the module also boasts a built-in stereo chorus effect.

Key Specs

  • Width: 18HP 
  • Depth: 25mm
  • Frequency Range: 8Hz – 35kHz
  • Sampling Frequency: 85kHz, 2x oversampled (170kHz)

Pricing & Availability

ALGO is available now, priced at £287.50 including VAT.

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