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Ampworx High-Gain pedals from TC Electronic

Latest modelling pedals launched

TC Electronic Ampworx High-Gain JIMS 800 Marshall JCM800 Dual Wreck Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier V550 Peavey EVH 5150 amp simulation pedals

TC Electronic have announced the launch of a new series of preamp pedals aimed specifically at those seeking classic guitar-driven rock tones. The Ampworx High-Gain series comprises three pedals: JIMS 800, Dual Wreck and V550, each of which promise to capture the sound of different iconic amplifier models.

The company say that the series was created with a focus on merging accuracy and simplicity. Rather than developing an all-in-one unit that provides a huge collection of different sounds, the pedals each use TC’s component-based modelling technology to recreate a single amplifier with a high level of detail and dedicated, specific controls. There are also a number of more modern features that seek to provide increased versatility whilst leaving the character of the original units intact.

Whilst each pedal offers a different amplifier model, they also have a number of features in common. All three units are equipped with a pre- or post-amp boost function, an official Celestion cabinet simulation impulse response, and dedicated DI and headphone outputs.

JIMS 800

As its name implies, the first of the three pedals aims to capture the tones of a modified Marshall JCM 800. By default, the pedal will operate in Dual Channel mode, allowing users to switch between two modelled channels that provide the same tonal options as the original amplifier. A Bypass mode is also available, which allows the user’s chosen channel to be toggled on and off in the same way as a traditional stompbox. Gain, Boost and Level controls are followed by a three-band EQ, and two footswitches offer access to the pedal’s boost and channel switching (or bypass) functions.

Dual Wreck

The second offering in the series sets its sights on Mesa/Boogie, offering a recreation of their popular Dual Rectifier and providing access to the sorts of tones that helped to shape the sound of 90s rock, grunge and metal. The same Dual Channel or Bypass mode options found in the JIMS 800 are present, allowing the pedal to be used as a standard stompbox, or in an ‘always on’ configuration with different tonal options. Gain, Tight and Level parameters are provided, and are joined by a three-band EQ section.


The third of the new pedals models the 5150, an amplifier originally designed by Peavey as a signature model for Eddie Van Halen, and is now produced under the EVH brand. Once again, it can be used either in Dual Channel or Bypass modes, and promises to deliver the high-gain lead tones the legendary player was renowned for. Along with the three-band EQ, the pedal is equipped with Gain, Reso and Level parameters.

Pricing & Availability

All three pedals are available now, priced at $149 each.…

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