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Apogee announce Mike

Portable mic for Garage Band

Californian converter connoisseurs Apogee have announced that they will soon be releasing a mic for Apple Macs, iPads and iPhones. Mike, as it’s known, will feature both USB and iOS-device compatibility, and is being marketed as an ideal companion to Apple’s entry-level DAW, Garage Band. Beyond that, unfortunately, technical details are thin on the ground — we don’t even know if it’s a dynamic or a condenser model, for example, but the fact that Apogee tout it as being suitable for acoustic instruments suggests the latter.<strong>Apogee Mike</strong>

On the right-hand side of the mic is a thumb-wheel, which we believe to be a gain control, while on the front, just below the mic grille, is a multi-colour LED that indicates power status and recording level (again, we’re guessing here, but it probably glows red when approaching 0dBFS).

What we do know about the Mike is that it will ship with a desktop stand and mic clip, and that it stands 4.5 inches tall. And that’s about it! More details will apparently be appearing on the Apogee web site soon.

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