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Apogee One

Their most affordable interface yet!
Apogee are best known for their range of high-end A-D/D-A converters and audio interfaces that are used in some of the world’s top recording studios. But recently they’ve been launching products at the ‘keen amateur’ end of the market, offering products such as the Duet, which offers the Apogee sound in a small, affordable package.

The latest product in the Apogee range, the One, is an audio interface that costs just £179/$249, making it even cheaper than the Duet. It’s got a single audio input and a stereo output, making it perfect for guitarists or vocalists who only ever record single, mono audio sources.

Usefully for the musician on the move, it has a quarter-inch jack socket for instruments and an integral condenser microphone for spontaneous recordings, although conventional studio mics (including those requiring phantom power) can be plugged in via an XLR socket on a breakout cable. The stereo output is on a mini-jack socket that provides an unbalanced line-level feed suitable for monitors or headphones.

On-board A-D and D-A converters in the One operate at 24-bit at sample rates of either 44.1kHz or 48kHz, and LEDs on the front face provide basic metering and show information about which mode the large encoder is working. This feature is switched using included control software.

The Apogee One works only on Apple computers running Mac OS v10.5.7 or higher. Power is supplied by USB.

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