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Apple Logic Pro 11 incoming

Virtual bandmates, stem separation & new saturation plug-in

Apple Logic Pro 11 Mac iPad DAW AI-powered drummer keyboard bass player analogue-style saturation plug-in stem separation

Apple have announced the upcoming launch of Logic Pro 11 and Logic Pro for iPad 2. With the arrival of the latest versions, the DAWs' AI-powered drummer will be joined by virtual bass and keyboard bandmates, while new Stem Splitter and ChromaGlow features will deliver built-in stem separation and analogue-style saturation processing. 

Session Players

Introduced over a decade ago, Logic’s AI-powered drummer has proved to be a popular feature, allowing users to generate drum patterns that intuitively follow their track rather than relying on fixed loops or time-consuming programming. With the release of Logic Pro 11, Apple have expanded the feature to include keyboard and bass, providing users with a virtual backing back inside of their DAW.

The instruments have been created in collaboration with top musicians, and offer a variety of selectable playing styles — eight for the bass and four for the keys — and can be made to follow progressions added to the software’s Chord Track. Combined with Logic’s Studio Bass and Studio Piano plug-ins, users can choose from six acoustic and electric bass instruments, and sculpt the sound of their pianos thanks to control over mic positions, pedal and key noise, release samples and more. 

Stem Splitter

With the introduction of Stem Splitter, Logic becomes the latest DAW to offer built-in stem separation facilities, making it possible to split mixed audio files into their component parts. Apple say that the feature is capable of separating almost any recording into four stem categories: drums, bass, vocal and other, allowing users to remove, isolate or replace parts, or apply different effects and change their relative balances. The process also promises quick processing times thanks to the abilities of Apple’s M-series processors. 


The final headline feature is the addition of ChromaGlow, a new saturation plug-in that aims to emulate the effects of some of the world’s most sought-after studio hardware. Equipped with five different styles of saturation, the processor promises to add warmth, presence and punch to any track, offering everything from subtle vintage-style enhancement to more extreme distortion effects. 

“Logic Pro gives creatives everything they need to write, produce and mix a great song, and our latest features take that creativity to a whole new level. Logic Pro’s new AI-backed updates, combined with the unparalleled performance of iPad, Mac and M-series Apple silicon provide creative pros with the best music creation experience in the industry.” - Brent Chiu-Watson - Senior Director of Apps Worldwide Product Marketing, Apple


Logic Pro 11 is supported on Macs running macOS 13.5 (Ventura) or later, and Logic Pro for iPad 2 requires iPadOS 17.4 or higher. 

Pricing & Availability

Logic Pro 11 and Logic Pro for iPad 2 will be available on 13 May 2024, and will be free to existing users. Those wishing to purchase a license can do so via the App Store, where Logic Pro 11 is priced at $199.99, and Logic Pro for iPad 2 costs $4.99 / month or $49.99 / year.

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