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ATV launch “the new eDrum standard”

Roland founder's company launch aD5 drum module

The icon behind ATV is none other than Ikutaro Kakehashi — the visionary founder of Roland Corporation, Ace Tone, and co-creator of the MIDI standard. ATV represents the enduring philosophy to bring the very best musical instruments, technologies, and production tools to market. This philosophy is backed by a long history of experienced and dedicated individuals who continue to work side by side with Mr. Kakehashi. For over 50 years, Mr. Kakehashi’s devotion to inspire has reached thousands of musicians, engineers, and producers. 

The company’s first music product, the aD5 Electronic Drum Module represents a significant advancement in the Electronic Drum Module, say its makers. Five complete stylised Drum Kits deliver superior sound, expressive playability, outstanding dynamics, and extremely low latency, ATV claim. The aim with the aD5 was to create an electronic drum kit experience that feels like you’re sitting at a real acoustic kit. Additional drum sounds and kits will be available from ATV via SD card. Billed as “the new eDrum standard in quality and value”, the aD5 is designed to be set up quickly and boasts an intuitive user interface.

Specifications, provided by ATV

  • 5 complete stylized Drum Kits - TruAcoustic, Vintage Studio, Real Groove, Legacy Jazz, and Metal 9000
  • Superior drum and cymbal samples — 48kHz, 24bit uncompressed
  • Compatible with 2 & 3 zone pads
  • Expressive and dynamic playability
  • Studio-quality stereo outputs
  • Headphone output for silent practice
  • SD card reader - load new kits and drum sounds
  • Mini aux input for audio / MP3 playback         
  • USB port supports MIDI and computer connectivity
  • Includes multi-trigger breakout cable and stand adapter
  • Does not include pads, cymbals, or triggers

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