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Audiomovers launch Omnibus 3.0

Virtual patchbay software receives major update

Audiomovers Omnibus 3 Mac application virtual patchbay software routing matrix

Audiomovers have announced that the latest version of their powerful Mac-based audio routing software is now available. Omnibus 3.0 sports a revamped user interface and introduces a whole host of new features that include AVB and NDI networking capabilities. 

Omnibus offers a simple way to route audio between applications and devices on a Mac — for those who aren’t familiar, it’s worth taking a look at our review from the June 2024 issue of SOS (print / web / app / replica / PDF editions). It was already a very capable application, but the release of version 3.0 has implemented some significant new features, some of which will be particularly appealing to those working with multiple computers and rooms. 

Networking capabilities make it possible to route multi-channel audio between different computers connected to the same network via AVB or NDI, essentially turning each Mac into an audio device with assignable multi-channel audio I/O. Up to 256 channels can be sent and received using AVB, while NDI supports 128 channels in each direction, and users can configure up to four virtual devices that each offer up to 256 channels of I/O.

In addition to routing audio seamlessly between physical and virtual devices, Omnibus is now equipped with an Application Capture function, which allows users to quickly ‘grab’ audio from any running software application without needing to route it to a virtual device first. It’s also now possible to save and export entire sessions as files, and recall snapshots or change parameters using an Elgato Stream Deck or MIDI Program Change data. 


Omnibus 3.0 is supported on Macs running macOS 11 or higher.

Pricing & Availability

Omnibus 3.0 is available now, priced at $199.99. Owners of version 2.0 can upgrade for $25.99, and those with active ListenTo Pro Subscriptions and an Omnibus 2.0 license can upgrade for free.

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