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Cableguys release FilterShaper XL

FilterShaper 3 gets a redesign

Cableguys FilterShaper XL LFO Envelope follower dual resonant filter drive effect plug-in

Cableguys’ FilterShaper 3 plug-in offered a dual filter along with some powerful modulation features. The company’s latest release, FilterShaper XL, recreates the effect but with improved filters, a multi-stage drive section, their latest LFO editing system and more.

FilterShaper XL comes loaded with 20 different filter types, with a variety of low-, band- and high-pass variants joined by a selection of notch and peak types. A mixture of modern and vintage-inspired sounds are possible, and any two filters can be run in series or parallel, allowing users to combine the filters in a number of different configurations.

Both sections are also equipped with a drive effect that can be placed pre- or post-filter, and the analogue-inspired models employ a Resonance Drive feature inside of the feedback stage, emulating the sound of a real analogue filter being pushed to its limits.

Modulation capabilties have also been expanded when compared to the original plug-in. The effect’s parameters can now be manipulated with a total of 60 LFO shapes and 50 envelope followers, and those wishing to customise their sounds even futher can take advantage of the LFO editing tools found in the company’s ShaperBox package. The envelope followers also benefit from ShaperBox features, boasting settings such as adaptive release, adjustable thresholds, input filtering and external side-chain inputs.

Plenty of sounds are provided, with no less than 450 presets offering a huge range of ready-made effects as well as serving as inspiration for new ideas. A Safe Resonance mode helps to keep things nicely under control, but can be disabled for those who wish to push the plug-in into extreme self-oscillation territory, and a Trigger Smoothing feature helps to prevent audible clicks when triggering the effect with MIDI information.


FilterShaper XL is supported on PCs running Windows 7 or higher, and Macs running macOS 10.13 and above. It is available in VST2, VST3, AU and AAX plug-in formats.

Pricing & Availability

FilterShaper XL is available now, and is currently (6 September 2023) being offered for an introductory price of $49, reduced from its full cost of $79. It is also being offered for free to owners of FilterShaper 3.

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