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Check out VEMIA’s latest auction

Live between 6 – 13 April 2024

VEMIA vintage synth audio equipment auction 2023

VEMIA’s latest vintage gear auction is on the horizon, and there’s already plenty of desirable gear set to go up for sale. The auction will be live between 6 and 13 April 2024, and the company are once again running a ‘Second Chance Sunday’ on 14 April which will see unsold items re-entered at discounts of 10% or more.

Already on the list are the likes of an ARP 2600, an EMS Synthi A, a MiniMoog, an EML 400/401, an E-mu Modular, Roland’s Jupiter-4 and Jupiter-8 and more, with even more still to be announced in the run up to the auction. It’s not just vintage instruments that are included, with more modern offerings including a 2014 Buchla Music Easel joined by a NonLinear Labs C15 and a Walforf Quantum MkII.

VEMIA vintage synth audio equipment auction 2024

Follow the link below for information to browse the latest listings and find more information on how to register for the auction.

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