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Cockos launch Reaper 7

New Track Lanes & Swipe Comping features

Cockos Reaper 7 DAW update

Cockos have announced that the latest version of Reaper is now available. Version 7.001 delivers a number of major new features and user interface enhancements, along with a huge selection of behind-the-scenes fixes and improvements.

A new Track Lanes feature has been introduced, providing a simple way to manage and organise different takes or alternative versions of tracks, as well as layering sounds and storing playlists. The feature is enhanced further by Swipe Comping, which allows users to quickly create composite takes by selecting parts from multiple takes, and offers some powerful functions such as one-click A/B comparisons and customisable crossfades.

It is now possible to store and recall self-contained FX chains with complex routing configurations, and apply parallel routing to multiple plug-ins and FX Containers. Track channel and MIDI I/O counts have been increased, too, with tracks now supporting up to 128 channels and MIDI routing able to handle up to 128 buses; MIDI hardware input and output device support has been increased to 128, and the software still puts no restrictions on the number of tracks, send/receive paths, FX and ReScripts.

The company have implemented a range of user interface enhancements, with additions such as customisable track spacers, zoom and scroll improvements for the Arrange view and MIDI editors, extended MIDI editor colour-coding options and customisable animated toolbar buttons.

Along with the major new features, the update also implements a huge number of general improvements and fixes, a full changelog can be found here.


Reaper 7.001 is supported on PCs running Windows (32- and 64-bit versions), Macs running macOS 10.5 and above, and Linux (x86_64, i686, aarch64 and armv6l versions are available).

Pricing & Availability

Reaper 7.001 is available now, and is a free upgrade for existing licence owners. Cockos offer a 60-day evaluation licence for new users, with Discounted and Commercial licences available for $60 and $225 respectively.

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