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EastWest Forbidden Planet

Sample-based hybrid software synthesizer

EastWest have released Forbidden Planet, a hybrid software synthesiser that uses samples rather than oscillators as its sound source. Produced by Doug Rogers and Nick Phoenix, the instrument features over 600 expertly crafted morphing synths covering categories such as Bass, Leads, Drones, Pads, FX and Arpeggiator. Powered by the company’s critically acclaimed OPUS engine, Forbidden Planet features a new suite of processing and mixing tools, filter modulation, and an extensive rack of effects which EastWest say will provide composers with unprecedented sonic shaping power.

EastWest Forbidden Planet hybrid software synth GUI EastWest Forbidden Planet's GUI A central XY pad allows users to capture morphing hybrid sounds by crossfading sound sources and filter settings. Left and right movement changes the blend between two contrasting sources, whilst vertical movement controls the filter frequency, allowing simultaneous control over both timbre and frequency content. A dedicated filter section provides deeper control over the filter’s settings, and a Mod Envelope allows ASDR style controls to be assigned to the filter cutoff, automating its movement with each note.

An arpeggiator allows users to create staccato and legato patterns, and also features portamento and glide controls. Each of the two sound sources gets its own dedicated sequencer with the option to desynchronise their speeds, with the settings adjacent to each other in the UI, allowing easy automation of their settings without navigating submenus. The dual arpeggio approach allows users to create polyrhythms, sync rhythms together, or apply a rhythm to only one source whilst sustaining the other.

Forbidden Planet is available now to ComposerCloud+ subscribers, and from June 12th 2022 it will be available as an individual purchase, priced at $299.

A free 30-day trial of ComposerCloud+ is available, with details to be found on the Sounds Online website.

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