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EastWest launch Composer Cloud subscription payment model

Cloud-based service is first of its kind for virtual instruments

EastWest Sounds are launching a cloud-based subscription service, the first of its kind in the world of virtual instruments. Under a subscription payment model, instead of paying a large one-off fee to own a single bit of software outright, you pay a much lower monthly fee to access it in the cloud. In this case, EastWest’s new Composer Cloud service gives users access to all of the Gold Editions of their award-winning virtual instrument collections: over 9000 virtual instruments, and a million sounds in total.

The Composer Cloud service offers two different subscription plans. For $29.99 a month, users can access seven collections of their choice, plus an extra collection every three months at no extra cost. For $49.99 a month, you can access the whole lot. Both payment plans are work on an annual basis, and can also be paid a full year at a time. It’s a model that’s untried in this particular field, but it’s easy to see how EastWest’s customers, and composers who previously couldn’t afford their collections, would find this option attractive, swapping the occasional large outlay on individual instruments for a predictable monthly fee (which, EastWest point out, is “less than the cost of a latte per day”) and access to a much larger range of sounds. 

Exclusive limited time offers are in effect until April 27th — save up to 40% off the regular price. 

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