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Electric Spring - Sonic Exploration

Coding Lab and Modular Meet

Electric Spring Event 2020Electric Spring Event 2020

Electric Spring is an annual festival of sonic exploration of cutting-edge practice in electronic music. The five-day programme of concerts, installations, workshops and symposia brings together people from diverse musical backgrounds to share their knowledge and perform music representing all corners of electronic music practice.

Hosted at the University of Huddersfield.

Of particular interest to SOS readers are the Creative Coding Lab Symposium and Modular Meet. Both events are free. 

Creative Coding Lab Symposium

Electric Spring presents the third annual Creative Coding Lab Symposium. Those who have attended the Max/MSP Power Users’ Symposium in the past will recognise the format of four guest speakers talking about creative work with audio programming, but in this new incarnation the remit has broadened to encompass a wider range of languages and practices. This new name is taken from the Creative Coding Lab at the University.

The afternoon is an opportunity for practitioners in creative coding to share and discuss both their technical approaches and their artistic thinking, as well as the way they link the two together. Each of the four guest speakers will talk about their practice for around 45 mins to an hour.

12 noon – 5:00pm Saturday, 22nd February, in the Richard Steinitz Building.

Lauren Sarah Hayes at the 2019 CCL SymposiumLauren Sarah Hayes, presenting her work at the 2019 CCL Symposium

Modular Meet

Sunday, 23 February. An afternoon of modular geeking-out. Come and see a varied collection of modular sound-making technology. Meet, chat and play all things pluggable, hackable and circuit-bent.

Venue: Richard Steinitz Building Atrium, 12 noon – 5pm.

For further information please contact:

University of Huddersfield 19 - 23 February 2020.

Full Programme covering all five days:

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