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Endlesss Clubs public beta commences

Online launch event open to all

Endlesss Clubs online music collaboration chat app

Endlesss have announced the launch of a public beta for Clubs, a new online platform which provides private spaces for music communities to connect and chat, as well as create and share their music.

Clubs are community-managed spaces that work in much the same way as platforms such as Discord or Slack, but have been purpose-built for music communities. At launch, Clubs users will be able to share audio files as Music Messages with other users in their channel — the feature makes it possible to drag, drop and combine audio files from a DAW and have other users download them, add new layers in their own software and return the remixed results as another Music Message. A built-in library containing over 5000 loops is also available directly in any Club.

Members are able to create personal audio profiles to host their music, and are provided with full control over who can who can download tracks, as well as being given the ability to set terms of use and ensuring that they are credited for any use of their content. Endlesss say that they will be continuing to update Clubs over time, with plans to develop new creation, moderation, curation, publishing and marketplace features already in the works.

“ Music makers have been telling us how important it is to build a community. But 25 years since the internet took over the world there still isn’t a purpose-built place to hang out online. Before the internet, recording studios, music venues and record shops were social hubs as well as businesses. The chance encounters people had there drove a huge amount of cultural value and spawned countless new creations. With Myspace disappearing long ago and Soundcloud pivoting to streaming, music has faced a battle against the algorithm. We want making and sharing music to feel more like a community again. That’s why we’re building Clubs.” - Tim Exile, Endlesss founder and CEO

The Future Collection

Alongside the launch of Clubs, Endlesss have also released a new software bundle aimed at content creators that includes a DAW, AI-powered tools, plug-ins and sample content from the likes of Bitwig, Native Instruments and Baby Audio. The collection is available now, and can be purchased for £99 including VAT.


The public beta of Clubs is live now, and can be accessed for free in Chrome and other Chromium-based desktop web browsers. Endlesss are running an Origins online launch event at 17:00 GMT on 21 November 2023, take a look at the link below to join in and find out more.

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