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Erica Synths unveil Hexinverter Mutant Machine

Developed alongside Hexinverter Électronique designers

Erica Synths Hexinverter Mutant Machine Eurorack kick snare TR-909 drum module

Erica Synths say that their latest Eurorack offering began as a quest to create a rich-sounding snare drum module to complement the Mutant Drums series originally made by Hexinverter Électronique, a company whose innovate modules are now being produced by Erica Synths.

After quickly becoming too large and costly a project to justify for a single-use module, the decision was made to expand the original plans and to learn from the architecture of the kick and snare circuits used in Roland's TR-909. The result of the project has appeared in the form of Mutant Machine, an analogue percussion module that offers much more than was originally intended!

As you might expect, the module is capable of delivering classic 909-style kicks and snares, but can also be pushed to deliver more 'alien' sounds and effects. Erica Synths have worked alongside designers from Hexinverter Électronique, and the module is an all-analogue affair, generating all of its sound using discrete components and integrated circuits, without the use of microcontrollers. A wealth of hands-on control is provided, along wide a comprehensive selection of patching options, and the company have also added a manual trigger button.

Key Specs

  • Width: 29HP
  • Depth: 30mm
  • Current draw: +139mA, -115mA

Pricing & Availability

Mutant Machine is available now, priced at €320.

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