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Ferrofish show off Verto Dante digital converters

Latest Dante digital format converters displayed

The Ferrofish Verto series is a range of compact digital format converters, designed to provide simple integration of ADAT and MADI devices into an existing Dante network.

Each Verto device features word clock I/O for external synchronisation and is remote controllable via MIDI or MIDI over MADI (Verto MX). Whether paired with Ferrofish's own A16 MK-II, A32 or Pulse16, or another brand's converter, the Verto provides support for all devices when connected via ADAT or MADI.

Like all Ferrofish converters, the Verto Series can be controlled remotely via the Dante Network. When all devices are connected via MIDI, the Verto converts all Dante audio streams to ADAT or MADI, and the control commands sent over Dante into MIDI remote control messages.

The Verto MX also offers an additional feature: instead of a separate MIDI Port, the MIDI messages are extracted from the MIDI-over-MADI port.

Pricing is expected to be €1000 for the Verto 32 (32-channel), €1200 for the Verto 64 (64-channel version) and €1400 for the Verto MX.

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