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Fluid Audio & Sonarworks partnership

Image 2 monitors host SoundID Reference calibration profiles

Fluid Audio Sonarworks partnership monitors built-in DSP room correction

Fluid Audio have partnered with speaker and headphone calibration experts Sonarworks with the aim of delivering a complete professional studio monitoring solution. Fluid Audio’s latest monitors, the Image 2, will feature direct integration with Sonarworks’ popular SoundID Reference software, providing users with built-in room calibration capabilities right out of the box.

Image 2

Fluid Audio Image 2 nearfield midfield studio monitor built-in Sonarworks DSP room correction EQFluid Audio's Image 2 monitors promise to deliver an impressive low-end response, despite their compact form factor. The Image 2 has been designed for either nearfield or midfield use, and promises to deliver incredible imaging and depth of field whilst maintaining an accurate frequency response and low distortion figures. High frequencies are taken care of by a newly developed AMT tweeter design, whilst mid-range content is delivered by an aluminium cone driver which utilises a shorting ring within its motor structure, a move which Fluid Audio say substantially reduces harmonic distortion.

Dual 8-inch woofers placed on opposing sides of the cabinet allow the Image 2 to offer an extended bass response, with the sealed cabinet design helping to provide a 6dB/octave roll-off. The measurements provided are impressive given the size of the unit, with Fluid Audio specifying the low-end response as being just 2dB down at 80Hz, and 4.6dB down at 28Hz.

In addition to its full-range capabilities, the Image 2 also features a Mixcube Mode which can be engaged via a footswitch. This mode reduces the speaker’s frequency range in order to provide a secondary reference during mixing, and aims to assist users in creating a mix that better translates to consumer playback systems with a limited frequency range.

Key Specs

Analogue inputs are provided on both XLR and quarter-inch TRS connectors. In terms of digital connectivity, an XLR input accepts AES/EBU signals, whilst a pair of RCA connectors offer S/PDIF Input and Thru connections. A USB-B port is also present to access the monitor’s DSP configuration features from a Mac or PC.

Fluid Audio specify a frequency response of 80Hz to 20kHz (between -2dB points), and a maximum SPL capability of 116dB. The Image 2 features a 24-bit A-D converter and uses a sample rate of 192kHz for its internal processing. Each cabinet measures 351 x 241 x 363 mm (height x width x depth) and weighs 12.6kg.

Sonarworks Integration

Fluid Audio Image 2 nearfield midfield studio monitor built-in Sonarworks DSP room correction EQOnce users have used SoundID Reference to create a calibration profile for their room and monitors, it can be stored directly on the Image 2's on-board DSP.A USB port on the rear panel of the monitors allows users to transfer calibration profiles from Sonarworks SoundID Reference using the included Fluid Audio DCT (DSP Configuration Tool) software for Mac and Windows.

Once transferred, the profiles are then saved directly to the Image 2’s built-in DSP, meaning that the room correction processing is carried out by the monitors themselves. Up to four different profiles can be stored, and can be switched between from the Fluid Audio DCT desktop application.

Users will receive a fully functional 60-day trial of SoundID Reference upon registering their Image 2s.

Pricing & Availability

The Image 2 will be available in December 2022, and are priced at $1899£1699 including VAT / €1999 each.

Following the 60-day trial, SoundID Reference is available to purchase from the Sonarworks website for $249. A bundle containing the software and a calibration microphone is priced at $299.

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