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Musikmesse: Fluid Audio suction cup amp sticks to guitar

Noodle anywhere with 6W mini monitor for electric guitar

Studio monitor makers Fluid Audio have announced an ingenious little 6W amp/monitor that sticks to the body of any electric guitar with a suction cup. Plug your guitar into it and you can noodle away with guitar amp-like tones without hauling around an amp or having to wear headphones.

The Strum Buddy is a 6W guitar amp powered by an internal rechargeable lithium ion battery that gives you 3.5 hours of play time per charge. It not only lets you hear and monitor your electric guitar, but allows you to play through onboard DSP guitar effect sounds, such as distortion, chorus and reverb. 

Strum Buddy will cost €69/$59 and it will be available in May. We spoke to Strum Buddy inventor Kevin Zuccaro at the Musikmesse tradeshow earlier today. Check out the interview and demo above.

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