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Musikmesse: Gyraf Audio launch passive stereo M/S compressor

We get technical with designer Jakob Erlund

Danish pro audio makers Gyraf Audio have a reputation for sidestepping the ordinary in favour of unusual designs. Their latest unusual design is the so-called 'Passive Aggressive’ Gyratec XXIV stereo compressor. The concept, although rather complex, broadly revolves around the concept of having a passive and super-transparent compressor with very few components in the audio signal chain. For a full explanation, watch our interview with designer Jakob Erland, above.

Some notable features include

  • Dual sidechain, which effectively means there are two available compressors that act upon the source.
  • Continuously variable L/R to M/S
  • Continuously variable compression characteristic between FeedForward and FeedBackd

The Gyraf Audio ‘Passive/Aggressive’, named for its passive design, is available now for a sum of €2630 ex VAT.

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